Sanjeev Chhibber

Sanjeev Chhibber is an accomplished entrepreneur and a lifelong learner. He graduated in Commerce from Delhi University. Sanjeev, along with two of his friends founded Glaze Trading India Private Limited in 2003, and always believed in venturing into the lesser-known territories and embrace novel, innovative initiatives to challenge the existing paradigms of business. This company has achieved annual turnover of Nine billion INR (C$180 million).
Sanjeev further plans to establish an extensive network in Canada and offer interesting business opportunities to people of diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. He works day-through-night to achieve all his dreams and reckons that no success comes without constant hustle.
Apart from Glaze Trading, today, he owns and runs four more companies namely Sakshem IT Solution, Ananya Herbal and independent E-Commerce division of Glaze viz. GalwayKart. Each of these has built a stellar reputation within their respective industries and has been growing exponentially. Sanjeev was awarded The Entrepreneur of the year by the prestigious Dubai based Asia One magazine, which held its award function in Bangkok on 7th February 2020.
He is passionate about creating and sharing wealth through the promotion of micro-entrepreneurship as a sustainable business model. Apart from his vast business interests, Sanjeev is involved in numerous philanthropic activities both in India & Canada
Sanjeev can be reached at: