Women Committee


The CIF’s Women Committee shall engage diverse women’s in leadership role to advance the mandate of CIF. They will raise the voice for addressing women issues in general with special focus on South Asian women in our communities, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Committee will work in close coordination with CIF Executive team with the following mandate:


  1. To recommend more women members to the CIF membership committee
  2. To promote professional women’s leadership with programs and networking opportunities
  3. To empower professional and entrepreneurial women to succeed through access to political, professional, and business advocacy
  4. To guide and mentor new women members to become a front runner in business or professions
  5. Connecting with other successful women business leaders
  6. To assist existing women leaders to expand their network
  7. To plan and execute International Women Day event of the CIF

 The Team

  • Sunita Vyas
  • Hema Bhatt
  • Dr. Indira Khurana
  • Vase Sarmah