Agriculture & Food Processing Forum 2012


High-profile public policy forum aimed at  developing a policy and strategy framework for enhancing two-way trade and investment between Canada and India in the Agriculture and Food Processing sector.

Forum Topics & Highlights

• Food Security, a Global Perspective (Vancouver/Saskatoon)
• Food Processing (Vancouver/Saskatoon)
• Attracting Investment/Trade Agriculture (Vancouver)
• Family Farms and Cooperatives (Vancouver)
• Logistics and Supply Chain (Vancouver)
• Cash Crops and Value Added Products (Vancouver)
• Technology and Productivity Enablers (Saskatoon)
• Fertilizers and Micronutrients (Saskatoon)
• Current Opportunities/Challenges (Saskatoon)
• Recommendations for Cooperation (Saskatoon)

CIF Co-Chairs of the Forum

• V.I. Lakshmanan
• Jay Minhas

Held On: September 10-13, 2012

Location: Vancouver (Marriott Pinnacle Downtown) & Saskatoon (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India (via Video)

Hon. Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia (via Video)

Hon. Lynne Yelich, Minister – Western Canada Diversification, Govt. of Canada

Hon. Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of British Columbia

Hon. Moira Stillwell, Minister of Social Development, Govt. of British Columbia

Hon. Micheal deJong, Minister of Finance, Govt. of British Columbia

Hon. Manmeet Bhullar, Minister of Service, Govt. of Alberta

Hon. Donald Aitchison, Mayor of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hon. Greg Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver

Mr. Ravi Shankar Aisola, Consul General of India in Vancouver

Mr. Scott Slessor, Consul General of Canada in Chandigarh, India

  • Manish Gupta, Director, IFFCO, India
  • Senator Dr. Asha Seth, Senate of Canada
  • Yuen Pau Woo, CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation Canada
  • Naveen Prakash, Jt. Secretary, Ministry of Food and PD, Govt. of India
  • Michael Trevan, Dean Agriculture, University of Manitoba
  • Venkatesh Athreya, Advisor, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
  • Kent Mullinix, Director, Food Security, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Murray B Isman, Dean, Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia
  • Amir Virani, PNP Holdings Limited, Founder –  Golden Boy Foods
  • Sudha Kshatriya, Trade Commissioner, DFAIT, Canada
  • Saumitra Chaudhuri, Member Planning Commission, Govt. of India
  • Robert Kang, Director of Listed Issuer Services, TSX
  • Bill Murray, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Altacorp
  • Jim Taylor, Founding Partner, Avrio
  • G. Chandrashekhar, Senior Editor, The Hindu Business Line
  • Satwinder Bains, University of Fraser Valley
  • Mike Leslie, CEO, Food Innovation Centre, BC
  • Arran Stephens & Ratana Stephens – Founder’s/CEO’s Nature’s Path Organic
  • Parm Bains, President & CEO Westberry Foods
  • Sukh Kahlon, Director, BC Raspberry Council
  • Preet Marwaha, CEO, OrganicLives, British Columbia
  • Ramesh Chandra, Entrepreneur Farmer, India
  • Alexis Mackintosh (Founder) & Mr. Steve Dadson (CEO), PCS BioFuels Ltd.
  • Dal Banwait, Director of Business Development, Plant Genome Sciences, India
  • Raju Agarwal, Executive Director, One Prosper International
  • S.A. Patil, Chairman, Karnataka Krishi Commission, India
  • G.V. Shankar, Consultant, Enterprise Saskatchewan
  • Amrik Sangha, CEO, Global Agricultural Transloading
  • Tom Baumann, Expert Agriculture team Limited
  • Debbie Estell, Executive Director BC Blueberry Council
  • M.V. Hegde, Scientific Advisor, Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra, India
  • George Ferguson, Dairy Exports Group, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • P.K.Khanna, Technical Advisor, Punjab Agricultural University, India
  • Robin Young, India Projects Manager, Food Development Centre, Manitoba
  • Hon. Rob Norris, MLA, Province of Saskatchewan
  • Ilene Busch-Vishniac, President, U of Saskatchewan
  • Dean Vey, Senior Advisor, Agriculture and Agri Food Canada
  • Roseann Runte, President, Carleton University
  • Ernie Barber, University of Saskatchewan
  • Jerome Konecsni, CEO, Innovation Saskatchewan
  • Mary Buhr, Dean, Agriculture and Bio-resources, University of Saskatchewan
  • Wilf Keller, President/CEO, AgWest Bio
  • Ramesh Chandra, Entrepreneur Farmer, India
  • Adrian M. Johnston, Vice President, International Planet Nutrition Institute
  • R. Sridhar, Chamco Chemicals
  • Jeff Schoenau, Professor and Research Chair, University of Saskatchewan
  • Philip Stephan, Vice-President, Saskatchewan Research Council
  • Bert Vanbenberg, NSERC Industrial Research Chair, University of Saskatchewan
  • Ramesh Rawal, BAIF, India
  • Ron DePauw, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Bernard Laarveld, Professor, U of Saskatchewan
  • Brad Trost, MP, Saskatoon-Humboldt
  • Venkatesh Meda, Professor, University of Saskatchewan
  • D. Jayas, Vice-President (Research& International), University of Manitoba
  • Robin Young, India Projects Manager, Food Development Centre, Manitoba
  • Alvin Ulrich, President and CEO, Biolin Research
  • Don Stephenson, CEPA Chief Negotiator, Canada
  • Scott Brown, Executive Director, Gov of Saskatchewan
  • S.A. Patil, Chairman, Karnataka Krishi Commission
  • Jennifer Evancio, Director, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
  • Reno Pontarollo, Chief Scientific Officer, Genome Prairie
  • Paul McCaughey, Science Director, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada
  • Carl Potts, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Dr. Bob Tyler, Professor, Food and Bioproduct Sciences, U of Saskatchewan