Policy & Issues

As a public policy advocacy platform, Canada India Foundation constantly endeavours to forge linkages between the policymakers and the public on a number of issues that have significance on bilateral relations between Canada and India

Some of the issues that CIF is engaged with at present are:

Bilateral relations

In pursuit of its objective to foster strong bilateral relations between Canada and India, CIF engages the federal and provincial governments in Canada and India to ensure that all aspects of bilateral relations are positive and on a growth trajectory.

CIF consistently engages political decisionmakers to influence policies that are conducive to the enhancement of Canada – India relations in all aspects – political, social, cultural, and economic.

As a nonpartisan public policy advocacy platform, CIF also engages political decisionmakers to shape public opinion that espouses unity amongst Canadians of Indian origin irrespective of creed

Bilateral trade

CIF is a strong proponent of free-market economics and one of its key policy advocacy platforms is the enhancement of trade and investment between Canada and India

CIF believes that for the two-way trade and investment to grow, Canada and India must sign the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and the Foreign Investment Promotion Agreement (FIPA)

Immigration and settlement

CIF believes that a successful immigration policy should factor settlement of newcomers and especially the acceptance of credentials of newcomers for their seamless integration into the Canadian society

CIF continuously works in building public opinion to ensure speedier integration of newcomers into the Canadian mainstream so that immigrants can contribute to the fabric of the Canadian society to the best of their abilities and qualifications