Higher Education Forum, India – 2019

Dates :

January 17 – New Delhi

January 18 – Gandhinagar


Venue :

New Delhi: PHD House, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Gandhinagar: Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University


Chair :

Mayur Dave


Executive Committee :

Anil Shah, Satish Thakkar, Pankaj Dave, Rupesh Kapadia, Vijay Sastry


In January 2019, CIF organized the Indian-edition of Higher Education Forum in
New Delhi and in Gujarat. With nearly 150,000 international students
of Indian origin coming to Canada in 2018 to pursue
higher education, the business of education has
acquired a tremendous significance and has emerged
as one of the key components of the Canada – India bilateral relations.

While estimates vary, it would be reasonable to quantify the annual spend by Indian students in the range of $20billion.


This Forum was set with vision to reshape higher education
with emphasis on innovation and to create opportunities for development
and growth between Canada and India.

It was produced in collaboration with the leading educational institutions from Canada and India.


In the 2018 Higher Education Forum held in Brampton Canada had three objectives:

  • Connect governments in Canada and India that are instrumental in policy formulations
  • Connect institution-to-institution linkages
  • Explore the role of the industry in Canada to absorb the Indian students into jobs after the completion of their educational process


One of the highlights of the white paper published subsequently was the need to focus on the recruitment of international students from India into Canadian institutions to ensure that students are enrolled into the right program and in the right educational institutions. This would ensure that their qualification from the Canadian institution of higher learning would result in immediate career opportunities and they would not have to languish in minimum wage jobs post qualification.


The Indian edition of the Forum again focused on

  • Connect governments in Canada and India that are instrumental in policy formulations
  • Connect institution-to-institution linkages

For the Indian edition, the third objective was to focus on the intake of international students with the purpose to match their qualifications and skills with the programs they enroll into in Canadian institutions.


Our partners in organizing the 2019 CIF Higher Education Forum – India included Toronto’s Seneca College, PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi, the Government of Gujarat’s Department of Education, and the Gandhinagar-based Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU).


Photographs of the forum



New Delhi:



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