About Us

Anil Shah (standing), Pradeep Sood (left) and Vikram Khurana (right) at
CIF’s Higher Education Forum held July 2018 in Brampton


Since inception, Canada India foundation has taken a leadership role in fostering stronger bilateral relations between Canada and India

Through active participation in the public policy debate and engagement with Parliamentarians, CIF plays a pivotal role in transforming Canada’s relations with India by emphasizing India’s criticality to Canada’s future

CIF works towards raising the profile of Indo-Canadian community by facilitating:

  • Participation by qualified Canadians of Indian origin in the policymaking and the legislative process and within crown agencies, government boards and judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals
  • Engagement with federal and provincial elected representatives on crucial bilateral issues such as trade enhancement, national security, simplifying immigration procedures, professional accreditation

CIF takes an active role in increasing the awareness among Canadians about the changing face of India, and the promotion of Canada’s interest in India

CIF members are among Canada’s top industrialists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professionals

The combined revenue of the businesses owned by CIF members is estimated to be over $1 billion

Together, CIF members provide employment to a few thousand Canadians, and they are key influencers of Canadian public policy enjoying tremendous pelf and prestige in Canada

CIF proactively assists in shaping a definitive pro-India policy framework in Canada by working with decision makers in the federal and provincial Canadian governments

Policy analysts following the amazing progress of Canada – India relations concur that substantial improvements have occurred in the last ten years – coinciding with the formation and growth of CIF