About Us


Canada India Foundation (CIF) is a national, non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2007 to foster support for stronger bi-lateral relations between Canada and India; to educate Canadians on India; and to increase the participation by Indo-Canadians in political process in Canada. CIF’s founding members include industrialists, senior Canadian business executives and top tier professionals.


Since our inception in 2007, Canada India foundation has taken a leadership role in fostering support for stronger bilateral relations between Canada and India, greater engagement of the Indo-Canadian community in Canadian politics and public policy and increase awareness of the changing face of India.

CIF works to foster support for stronger bi-lateral relations between Canada and India. Through active participation in the public policy debate and active engagement with Parliamentarians, CIF positions the need for a strategic partnership between Canada and India as critical to Canada’s future.

CIF works towards raising the profile of Indo-Canadian community by facilitating:

  • Participation by qualified members of the community in the policy-making and the legislative process,
  • Engagement with legislators at the federal and provincial levels in the spheres of immigration, professional accreditation and national security.
  • Increased representation of the community within crown agencies, government boards and judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals.

CIF takes an active role in increasing the awareness of Canadians about the changing face of India, and the promotion of Canada’s interest in India.