A List Committee

Canada India Foundation’s would like to continue the legacy of Late Mr. Ajit Jain to produce, design, print and distribute the A-List. The A-List is a publication originally conceived, designed, written, printed and distributed under the sole control and direction of Late Mr. Ajit Jain under the umbrella of CrossMedia Advisory Services Inc. The fourth edition of the A-List was released in August 2018 in Honour of its founder, Ajit Jain.
Content and Production


  1. CIF will undertake to create content and produce the A List annually. CIF office will be responsible for the content, under the overall supervision of CIF’s Chair and National Convener.
  2. CIF will produce the A List and undertake design and printing. CIF will bear the cost of production.
  3. A draft copy of the A-List will be sent to the family for approval prior to being send for printing.



  1. Identify & recommend the eminent Indo Canadian persons to be included in the A List as per criteria given in Annexure-1
  2. Evaluate, solicit the credentials of all the nominees for the A List
  3. Raising funds to cover the cost of the magazine through advertisements and sponsorships
  4. No previous individual should be repeated in the future editions
  5. The A List should reflect Pan Canadian representation
  6. Distribution of magazine in Canada and India



  • Satish Thakkar
  • Ritesh Malik
  • Lucky Lakshmanan
  • Anil Shah
  • Norton Kothari
  • Rosalinda Jain
  • Ajit Jain Junior
  • Vase Sarmah
  • Sandeep Goel