CIF Lecture with Tarak Fateh

Canada India Foundation, as part of it’s ongoing speaker series, hosted a lecture with well-known Columnist, author and broadcaster Mr. Tarek Fatah. The lecture, originally planned at Ryerson University Campus had to be rescheduled as Ryerson cancelled the speech with no reasons provided and was eventually held on the same day (August 10) at Sheridan College in Mississauga. Mr. Fatah spoke eloquently, as usual, on the lecture topic “ Ghazwa-e-Hind V/s the Ethos of Hindustan ” and also spoke about Allah’s Islam V/s Mullah’s Islam, Bill M-103, Islamophobia and Islam fascism, Omar Khadr, Baluchistan and more. The one-hour speech kept everyone engaged and the audience also responded with equally brilliant Q & A session.