Chinmay Thakkar

Ownership Group, Thakkar Group
Tim Hortons Restaurants


Chinmay Thakkar is an owner in Thakkar Group Tim Hortons Restaurants- a network of family owned and

operated restaurants across Canada. Following in his late father Ambrish Thakkar’s footsteps, Chinmay has been actively involved in settling the lives of many new immigrants, especially students, through sponsoring them for permanent residency and helping them build long term careers in management within Thakkar Group’s network of restaurants.


Chinmay holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Faculty of Political Science and Philosophy from the University of British Columbia as well as a Master of Arts from the Faculty of Political Science from the University of Toronto. He is also licensed to practice real estate in both Ontario and British Columbia, with a focus on commercial and investment grade transactions.

His passion is around youth development and instilling leadership skills in those that are humble, hardworking, and hungry to grow and become the best versions of themselves.