Ram Gopal

ramgopal_red_164_200Founder & CEO, Swami Holdings Inc.
Director, Core Security Group
Member of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International)

Mr. Ram Gopal was born and educated in India. He holds a Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery from Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab. After graduating from University, Mr. Gopal opened his own hospital with a team of Surgeons and Medical Specialists. In addition to being the owner & administrator of the hospital, he also practised as a Naturopath. and ran it for over 4 years. Mr. Gopal  immigrated to Canada in 1994. His Degree was recognized by the University of Toronto as a Bachelor of Science from any reputable University in Canada. In Canada Mr. Gopal initially obtained a Diploma in Orthopedic Technology. However, fate made him branch out into a new world related to Security & Surveillance. He started his own Security Company in 1998 employing more than 400 security personnel. His Companies rank among the top 10 Security Firms in BC as per Business In Vancouver Reports.  Today he is the Managing Director of Swami Holdings Inc., which owns a conglomerate of 4 Security, Private Investigation & Surveillance firms including a Security Training Institute with its Head Office in Vancouver, BC. Mr. Ram Gopal also has a real estate portfolio.  He has been involved in real estate development &  investments for over 10 years. His strength lies in his ability to judge markets and market trends.
He is actively involved in philanthropic activities within the community.