Vase Sarmah

B.Tech (IT), Executive MBA


With a vast experience in the Technology sector of the corporate world, Vase’s specialty lies in Service Delivery through Technology Management for Global Operations. She currently leads Operational Support Strategy and Optimization for Lifion with a focus to drive global operational expansion for improved strategic positioning and better customer service. Throughout her career, Vase has worked for many Fortune 500 companies around the globe helping them make the best use of technology to solve business problems thus promoting growth. She is the Regional Director for iWIN (International Women’s Inclusion Network) Canada, a Business Resource Group for corporate women in her company. She uses this capacity to promote a culture of empowering women ‘to sit at the table’. She believes the world needs more women in leadership roles. She sits at the board of The Center for Education and Training (TCET) as a Director and a member of the Governance and Nominating Committee.

Vase lives in Oakville, ON with her entrepreneur husband. She loves to travel to see new places and learn about people, culture and habits. ‘Learning’ never stops fascinating her and it keeps her grounded and going! She loves to golf and to challenge herself with the precision of the game.